PA Organization of Parents of Blind Children

The Pennsylvania Organization of Parents of Blind Children champions the empowerment of blind and vision-impaired children, guiding them toward independence and societal contribution. We also strive to unlock the full potential of children facing additional disabilities.

Here’s what we offer at the Pennsylvania Organization of Parents of Blind Children:

  • Direct emotional support, expert advice, referrals, educational training, and strong advocacy for families.
  • A positive outlook on blindness and vision impairment, celebrating what individuals with these conditions can achieve.
  • Networking opportunities that connect families and adults who are blind or have vision impairments.
  • “In Touch” and “Future Reflections” publications are packed with actionable advice and insights.
  • Engaging activities tailored for parents, educators, and children.
  • Active representation in state and national committees, coupled with direct interactions with legislators, to improve services and create more opportunities for blind or vision-impaired children.
  • Through our affiliation with national organizations, we have access to a vast network, tapping into the resources, information, and support of over 50,000 adults and parents of blind or vision-impaired children.

We also proudly provide a range of free informational packets, including:

  • Strategies for including blind students in elementary classrooms.
  • Comprehensive program brochures.
  • Resources on early childhood development.
  • Guides for managing low vision in children.
  • Supportive materials for blind teenagers and their parents.
  • Educational resources on Braille literacy for children.
  • Instructions on cane travel and orientation & mobility for children.
  • Tips for crafting effective Individualized Education Programs (IEP).
  • Resources for children who are multiply disabled and blind.
  • Strategies for improving social skills in children with vision impairments.

We’re Your Support Network

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, mail, or email anytime. Our division holds quarterly Zoom meetings. To learn more about the Pennsylvania Organization of Parents of Blind Children and to join our meetings, please get in touch with President Emily Gindlesperger at

33 Merganser Drive
Sinking Spring, PA 19608